Loves Liza Minnelli, Dudley Moore, The Beatles, The Who, The Monkees, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Dean Martin, etc. Definitely born in the wrong era.

29 year old girl from the east bay area in California (read as: nowhere on the map) and also loves all things craft-wise. Is an avid cross-stitcher, knitter, crocheter, photographer, writer, loves drawing, and generally anything that involves making something pretty.

Also loves nostalgia. Both from the 60's/70's, from her own childhood in the 80's/90's, and some even older stuff. You've been warned.

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I wonder if Paul McCartney knows that there are thousands of teenage girls that are obsessed solely with his ass.

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Reblog if you’ve ever watched a tv show or movie because of one specific actor in it.


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Day 29 - Your Favorite Video Of The Beatles On YouTube: Real Love

No need to be alone.