Loves Liza Minnelli, Dudley Moore, The Beatles, The Who, The Monkees, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Dean Martin, etc. Definitely born in the wrong era.

29 year old girl from the east bay area in California (read as: nowhere on the map) and also loves all things craft-wise. Is an avid cross-stitcher, knitter, crocheter, photographer, writer, loves drawing, and generally anything that involves making something pretty.

Also loves nostalgia. Both from the 60's/70's, from her own childhood in the 80's/90's, and some even older stuff. You've been warned.

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OH HEY, wasn’t expecting that little namedrop! <3 (x)ETA: so who’s gonna make the obligatory Flyza Minnelli joke?

OH HEY, wasn’t expecting that little namedrop! <3 
ETA: so who’s gonna make the obligatory Flyza Minnelli joke?


Liza was wearing her favourite Hopalong Cassidy Cowboy suit, eating pumpkin pie. Judy was indulging in one of her favourite offstage activities - ‘performing’ with the character on the small screen, answering him back, singing along to the numbers being broadcast and generally giving her own running commentary on the proceedings.

As Liza told Muriel Davidson, she had the sudden urge to do a ‘back flip’. ‘I reared back, shot out my legs and accidentally hit Mama right in the back of the head!’

The result was not an occasion to forget - or to relish. Judy’s undeniable shock and pain were compounded by what was clearly a mental imbalance.She cried out in pain and screamed in irrational anger - as though Liza had deliberately decided to behead her mother.

The scream was that irrepressible shriek, the noise that was for ever more to fill Liza with unreserved horror. The screaming seemed to go on for hours. Liza was ordered to her room - and this time she went. Doubtless, she was glad of the opportunity to get out of the way. Ultimately, Judy went to Liza’s bedroom, gave her a cuddle and told her she was forgiven.

From the book Liza With a Z by Michael Freedland.